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Mammossix unveiled 'Galaxity : Korea VR' a VR metaverse service based in Korea.

- Post a demonstration video of "Myeongdong" and "Gwangjang Market" on Mammossix's official YouTube channel.
- A plan to establish an online-offline metaverse service platform that implements cities and tourist attractions nationwide.

Mammossix, a VR content developer, unveiled 'Galaxity : Korea VR', a metaverse service brand based in Korea.

"Galaxity : Korea VR" is the next Galaxity brand to showcase social VR metaverse services for the first time in Korea and to provide cities and tourist attractions across the country in virtual spaces and enjoy various cultural experiences in the form of mini-games.

Mammossix also released a demonstration video that embodies Myeong-dong and Gwangjang Market areas in Seoul in a virtual world through its official YouTube channel.

"Galaxity : Korea VR" will be divided into an online VR metaverse service and a location-based AR service application and will be serviced simultaneously. Through this, users in real places and users who are online in the virtual world can communicate and interact with each other as if they were in one space to form a new community.

Mammossix plans to complete the development of content that allows users to experience the Seoul area in a virtual space within this year and examine users' reactions through soft launch.

Tourism in the post-COVID-19 era will evolve into a new form by converging with high-tech, said Charles Yoo, CEO of Mammossix. "Starting with Seoul, we will work with local governments across the country to promote excellent domestic tourism resources to the global market and create a new tourism culture using metaverse."

Mammossix is a VR content developer established in 2015 and serves a multi-access social platform called "Galaxity," developed with "cross platform patent" technology that can be accessed by any VR device. More than 30,000 players from 120 countries around the world enjoy various contents in virtual spaces and maintain an average stay of more than 90 minutes.

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