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Neptune acquired VR Metabus platform developer 'Mammossix'.

Neptune (217270) announced on the 27th that it has acquired management rights by securing a 55.7% stake in VR Metaverse platform developer Mammossix.

Mammossix is a VR content developer established in 2015 and serves a multi-access social platform called "Galaxity," developed with "cross platform patent" technology that can be accessed by any VR device. In Galaxity, more than 30,000 players from 120 countries stay for an average of more than 90 minutes while enjoying various contents in virtual space.


Players can make their own avatars in Galaxity and communicate with people who have accessed from all over the world. Beyond simple social functions, various mini-games such as high-altitude experiences, soccer, baseball, and survival, and "watch videos together" functions are provided in a virtual reality environment. Educational contents such as aviation safety content and spacewalk experience have also been updated, and projects to implement major tourist cities around the world are also underway.

In recognition of its technology, Mammossix was finally selected for TIPS, a technology start-up support program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2020, and has a content development partnership with Samsung Electronics and LG U+.

Neptune incorporated Mammossix as a subsidiary following the acquisition of Onmind in November 2020, thereby possessing a VR metaverse platform developed with cross-platform patented technology as well as real-time interactive digital human production technology.

CEO Yoo Tae-woong of Neptune said, "Mammossix already has a variety of contents that can be used as a VR metaverse platform in various fields," adding, "We will expand the scope of use through active collaboration with related industries in the future."

Charles Yoo, CEO of Mammossix, said, "We will present the standards of new communication and play culture that connect places that cannot be reached and people who cannot meet in non-face-to-face society with Neptune, who understand the online ecosystem."

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